Ep #4: Discover The Evolving Artist [Interview]

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Discover The Evolving Artist


This episode is a radio interview with Richard Duggan, host of Tell Me Your Story, interviewing me about The Evolving Artist.

The Evolving Artist is dedicated to uplifting artists that uplift the world, with cutting edge personal transformation methods, and was founded by myself, Teri Wade, Mindset Repatterning Coach for actors, writers, and directors.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s covered:

3:22 – Artists are in the most powerful position to make an impact in the world. Facing rejection while being sensitive isn’t easy.

7:10 – “energy vampires” and “dream-crushers”

10:25 – Deep-down you know what you’re here to do, but shrink from it because there are so many scary things that can come with doing what you’re meant to do.

14:10 – Your purpose, and how it evolves. Lowering resistance to growth, opening new creative channels.

21:08 History isn’t set in stone, it’s actually fluid and changeable.

25:25 Re-tell your past in a way that changes your future.

26:04 People say “just write a new story for yourself,” but you have to gain control of the story you’re already carrying inside. A more empowered story is a more honest story.

33:55 – The Essential Life Story

35:45 – We are all artists, and our greatest work of art is the life we’re creating every day.

42:25 – Surrender to the manifestation of what you have been calling forth…it doesn’t always come in the way you expect it to.

47:50 – Feel Better Letters: Your most challenging relationships can change in a heartbeat. Your relationships are a reflection of what’s happening inside…one person has the power to shift those dynamics.”

54:20 – How to tell if the guidance in your head is intuition or something else.

1:01:01 – “Until your experiences are fully integrated into your life as a whole, they won’t help you or continue occurring.”

1:04:05 – “that’s the story of my life…” When the story is not working in your favor, it’s time for it to evolve.


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