Ep #2: Entertainment Industry Success [Mindset Repatterning]

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Entertainment Industry Success

[Mindset Repatterning]

In this podcast, you’ll hear a Mindset Repatterning session I led, that took place weeks before the client in this session landed his first role in a feature film. He’s gathered an impressive number of IMDb credits since then, including appearances on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fear the Walking Dead.

He was a very talented and driven actor, but was struggling with creative blocks, internal battles, and low self-esteem that prevented him from making it in the entertainment industry. Listen carefully for the critical breakthrough where everything started to turn around for him.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s covered:

1:58 Setting intention around home life

2:25 Need to feel at ease in living situation to find focus, clarity, motivation

3:06 “I’m not where I want to be.”

6:20 What problem he is experiencing: finances/money. “I have a mountain of debt.”

9:40 No judgment. Empathy for what’s happening.

10:47 Focusing on opportunities instead of obstacles.

12:12 What do you want instead of “huge backpack of problems”? — “Success, feelings of fulfillment, living up to my potential.”

15:15 Reason we’re not experiencing the good things we want — underlying, unconscious reasons: What might happen that’s terrible if good things are true?

17:45 What might happen that’s negative if you’re happy? “I’d have to let go of being unhappy… Used to problems… Being disappointed in myself.”

19:00 Worry that you’ll get used to it and then it’ll go away.

20:10 The Big Leap — upper limit problems

21:40 Comfortable with pattern (disappointment, etc) usually because of same challenges in family — maybe too different from them; or maybe just habit

23:45 Creating alternate, positive replacement statements important.

27:23 Trying to let it evolve, not push it too much

30:15 Going back to age 3, what was going on with father? Memory blocks.

33:33 Feeling absence of father — hole there, felt absent

34:35 No guide or example because of absence of father

37:30 What you want in terms of finances: “Completely independent… live enjoyable lifestyle.”

42:50 What need/want in terms of career: “Doing voiceover work for motion pictures, film, TV, ads — using voice as instrument. Doing feature films as working actor. Working in print world. Doing own CD as vocalist in world music. Exploring myself as an artist.”

51:50 Switch doubts through modality: going back to 3-year-old time, experience things differently to meet needs that weren’t met then

53:57 Imagine what it would have been like if he could have told his dad he felt lost… what could he have told you that would’ve made all the difference: “Don’t worry… I’ll show you how to do it. Other people feel the same way. Everything will be ok.”

58:37 Mother didn’t provide structure and discipline (like father may have)

59:10 Delivering message from “ideal dad” — “I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you like you needed me to be. It had nothing to do with you, it was because of my own problems. But I’ve gotten the help I needed and am ready to be there for you now. I’m right here. Everything’s gonna be ok. You’re a special and unique person and I see that.”

1:04:20 Appreciation: “I appreciate having a mirror to see how I’m thinking about myself… a gauge of where my mind is. Being able to verbalize it. Helping get closer to being at peace with father stuff.”

1:05:55 Appreciation from Teri: “Openness to process. Close to great changes… Appreciate you going for your dreams.”

1:07:30 Inspiring people — important part of his dream

1:09:10 Not just for him — for a much larger audience of others with the same patterns to shift because of his openness

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