Audition Success [Mindset Repatterning]

Audition Success [Mindset Repatterning]

The Evolving Artist Podcast

In this podcast you'll listen to a Mindset Repatterning session led by Teri Wade, that leads the client to breakthroughs about auditioning that take his career to the next level.

He's gathered an impressive number of IMDb credits since then, including appearances on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fear the Walking Dead.

Here's a breakdown of what's covered:
1:50 - Results from his previous Mindset Repatterning session.
3:30 - Mental flogging about losing money he’d planned on advancing his career with/self-sabotage.
4:50 - We experience what we’re a fit for.
6:15 - Being treated unjustly in prior workplace.
8:18 - “We tend to carry into a new situation what we haven’t resolved in the last one.”
9:15 - Wanting to be rewarded for contributions; wanting credit for what he did
10:30 - Same patterns keep repeating.
12:15 - Ready to take back control of circumstances and accept and forgive.
13:00 - It’s a good thing that we can’t forgive until we shifted the pattern.
13:45 - Feeling “used” as an actor, not being valued.
16:00 - What losing the money prevented him from doing.
18:40 - What losing the money allowed him to do; the benefit to being stuck.
20:45 - Avoiding making decisions.
24:45 - “Sometimes you learn what you don’t want, before you learn what you do.”
25:54 - “If you learn from your mistake, then it wasn’t a mistake… it was education.”
29:00 - Being excited about things, but then all sorts of issues with it come up… “I should’ve done this…” or “should’ve said that…”
34:25 - Everything comes down to your self-perception.
35:15 - Should you expect not to get the job after the audition?
45:04 - Getting clear on what you want in your career.
50:25 - Operating from a place of strength…not necessarily about talent or skill in the art.
51:04 - Sabotaging yourself by “getting ready to get ready.”
52:50 - Feeling intimidated/overwhelmed at first… not knowing how to talk to people or how to present yourself, and how to become more genuine.
1:00:00 - Why Teri works with artists.
1:05:15 - Creating the shift: going back to 4-year-old self and how he felt about dad.
1:08:15 - I see you, I’m here for you, and everything’s gonna work out. You can count on me.
1:11:00 - Repeating statements back… all on!

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