Opening the Door to Hollywood [Mindset Repatterning]

Opening the Door to Hollywood [Mindset Repatterning]

The Evolving Artist Podcast

In this podcast, you'll join Teri Wade, creator of The Evolving Artist, and actor Mark Neely in an exploration of the challenges faced by people of color in navigating Hollywood as well as feeling uplifted and inspired by a new vision of what Hollywood is meant to be.

Here's a breakdown of what's covered:
0:38 - What Mindset Repatterning™ is and what it does.
2:15 - What Applied Kinesiology is and why we use it.
5:20 - Letting go of negative “relationships” with acting.
11:40 - Switching agents and the relationship going south (inciting incidents).
19:10 - “Let me into the race and I’ll get the job done.”
20:10 - Conflicting beliefs: the up-front role vs the background role.
22:40 - Identifying mystery blocks to acting success.
24:04 - Naming the “ugly stuff” so you can get a bigger shift.
25:30 - We’re checking for patterns, not truth or falsehood.
27:20 - “The people who control Hollywood won’t let me in.”
29:40 - Divine timing of an experience; arising so you could clear it and finally get what you want.
36:25 - Fitting in with Kerry Washington, “Let’s have some fun!”
38:12 - Being in front of the camera is magical, just where he wants to be.
43:50 - Same mindset for auditions and for shooting: “let’s do a great story and make some magic.”
49:45 - Feeling excluded--being on the outside instead of the inside.
54:54 - Feeling a sense of belonging; being in the right place.
57:05 - The privilege of working with others in the industry.
58:30 - The ego destroying the magic (do you have to be arrogant/come from a place of ego to succeed as an actor?)
1:04:08 - “The fine line” of being accepted by actors at a certain level.
1:06:20 - Being a Black actor in a stereotypical role (the first time race is mentioned).
1:08:40 - Not wanting to be a victim or “blamey” about racism.
1:10:40 - Most people in front of the camera, and behind it, don’t look like him
1:12:00 - Learning to be in a “minimal place”; having to work harder to be accepted.
1:18:45 - Apartheid in the entertainment industry.
1:21:20 - The real decision-makers and money-makers aren’t POC.
1:23:30 - Resistance to even naming the “ugliness”... the problem.
1:27:17 - “Hate and privilege from white people who run studios doesn’t let me or people who look like me in.”
1:29:10 - Justifiable anger in the face of injustice.
1:31:15 - The “magic genie result.”
1:34:00 - Flipping the script: “studios are multicultural” and “open the gates with love and appreciation for the talents of everyone.”
1:35:35 - Importance of the stories from artists.
1:41:12 - Stepping into the role of main studio head to apologize for the wrongs they’ve done
1:44:05 - Expressing gratitude for Mark’s willingness to be vulnerable and represent those who are excluded.
1:46:00 - Rechecking the statements; noticing how the negative statements now sound like they came from a completely different person--“the old you.”
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