Feel Better Letters

ELS Letters

Time doesn't always heal.

Some wounds can last a lifetime, like the pain of childhood abuse, crippling self-doubt, or really feeling like you've found the one and having your heart broken into a million pieces. We all know what it’s like to want to stop thinking about and feeling pain from the past, but not be able to. Sometimes, the more you try to push it down, the more it persists.

It doesn’t have to take forever to change your life.
Ty Hammond, Executive Coach

There’s a good reason for the pain.

When you won’t let yourself forget the past, it’s because deep down a wise part of you knows you need something you’ve never gotten—like acknowledgement, validation or a sincere apology from someone who’s hurt you. And you can’t truly move on until you get it. Re-hashing the past, again, only causes you to re-live it and keeps the pain alive.

It gave me solutions I didn’t know were there.
Wendy Rogers, Ph.D., Cancer Coach  

ELS Letters™

The ELS Letters™ is a revolutionary, step-by-step method that allows you to unburden yourself of old, buried emotions like anger, grief, and shame in a way that truly resolves them. It also allows you to give yourself what you’ve never gotten from those who’ve harmed you without having to interact with them directly. It can be used to let go of relationships from the past, as well as profoundly improve those you want to keep—like your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and even God.

In a couple hours, I let go of someone
I’d tried to let go of for ten years.
Teri Wade, Program Creator  

You Can Expect To:

    • let go of old, heavy emotions
    • have an immediate feeling of lightness and relief
    • realize powerful insights about your relationship dynamics
    • free yourself from attachment to past lovers
    • feel at peace with your parents, and encouraged by them
    • accept and love yourself, just as you are
    • naturally generate feelings of forgiveness, compassion and appreciation
    • feel empowered and optimistic about what’s to come


Getting Started

You can start writing your ELS Letters™ today. The fee is a one-time payment of $197 or 6 monthly payments of $39. Upon sign up, you'll receive a unique username and password that gives you 24/7, lifetime access to this online program.

I feel a greater love for myself than I’ve felt my whole life.
Kathi Barnhill, Director

* This program is also a component of The Essential Life Story Program