The Essential Life Story™ Program

The Essential Life Story Program

We're immersed in stories we can't see.

Even if you haven't written it down yet, you already have a story. Like fish in water, we're so immersed in our own stories, we don't even know they exist. The "story of your life" is an internal narrative you carry with you all the time, but most of us only refer to it by throwing our hands up in the air and saying, "that's the story of my life!" when bad stuff happens—as if we have no control over it. And while, like gravity, your story is an inescapable and powerful force, you can learn to direct it. You can decide what’s in your story, and thus, what it pulls into your life.

Teri's process allows you to see it so clearly, and then transform it.
Rebecca Hart, Actor

The strongest story always wins.

Contrary to how it might seem, your story is not set in stone. It's largely made of perspective and there are a million ways you can spin it. There's a scene in True Detective where Woody Harrelson warns Matthew McConaughey not to bend the narrative to support the evidence. And it’s something we all do every day with our own stories—bend the narrative to support the evidence that what we believe is actually true. Which can be problematic when you don't believe you can have what you want. As Nikola Tesla said, "You have to build a new model that makes the old one obsolete."

Success feels inevitable, that’s such a different place from where I started.
Kathi Barnhill, Director

The Essential Life Story™ Program

Five years ago Teri Wade went down a rabbit hole in search of an answer to the question: "Can I write a story that makes my dreams come true?" Thousands of hours later, she came out the other side with a resounding yes, as well as a step-by-step method anyone can use to do the same, in a lot less time. Your Essential Life Story™ is a three to five page narrative written in twelve steps. You'll be given the structure, tools and understanding you need to reveal, de-code, and re-create the story that's running your life. You’ll be given a template that tells you exactly how to do it. You'll learn how to become the hero of your own story without it feeling like bullshit. You'll learn how to talk about the "dark stuff" without getting stuck in it. And you'll learn how to craft a narrative that makes your greatest dreams come true.

There are greater riches in this program than you can even imagine.
Wendy Rogers, Ph.D., Cancer Coach

The 12 Steps of Writing Your Essential Life Story (ELS)

Each module includes it’s own audio lesson, ELS writing exercise and recorded Q&A call.  All you need to complete the program is a pen, paper, computer with internet access, and a couple hours a week. To maximize your breakthroughs and results, Private ELS Coaching is also available.