Your Mindset Repatterning™ Program

Your Mindset Repatterning Program

Your patterns can feel set in stone.

We have patterns in every single area of our lives—from how we treat ourselves, to how we’re perceived by others, and even how we chew our food. You may feel like you've tried everything to change your thoughts, and the patterns that follow. But when they don't stick, you end up thinking: "Maybe there’s something wrong with me. This must just be how I am. My life is always gonna be this way".

This work will change your mind.
Matt Burke, Actor

Any pattern can change.

The reason your patterns feel unchangeable is because while one part of you wants them to change, other parts don't. We all have a lot of people inside of us, and they're not always working together. The ones that cause the most problems are usually the ones we're entirely unaware of or rejecting, either consciously or unconsciously. No matter how impossible it may feel right now, all parts of you can be on the same page working together toward shared goals, whistling away like the Seven Dwarves.

I learned more about myself in an hour
than in ten years of psychotherapy.
Sam Stone, Producer

Mindset Repatterning™

To create lasting change, you need a way to go behind the scenes of your mind, clear out the gook, and plant something new. Mindset Repatterning™ is a fast and effective method that goes beyond your conscious mind so you can transform any pattern at the root. One of the reasons it’s so effective is because it uses Applied Kinesiology, or “muscle-checking”, to tap into your own inner wisdom and direct every step of the process. Through a series of sessions that are done by phone, you completely change the default set point of what you think and how you feel. In each session you experience significant shifts that leave you feeling lighter, more optimistic and tangibly changed—believing what previously felt impossible. Then you get to use all the precious energy you used to spend fighting yourself to create the life of your dreams.

It's like reprogramming a computer, it just works.
Ben Milliken, Actor

You can expect:

  • tangible results every time
  • revelations and breakthroughs in every session
  • laser focus on your goals and the motivation to achieve them
  • what you want coming to you in greater ways than you could have ever imagined


What others are achieving with Mindset Repatterning™:

  • significant career advancement
  • finishing the album, screenplay or book they’d been stuck on
  • overcoming depression, anxiety and stage fright
  • greatly increased presence and self-confidence
  • overcoming addiction or PTSD
  • attracting the love of their life
  • ease in coping with stress that comes with success
  • creating more authentic and fulfilling relationships
  • trusting their intuition

My creativity has skyrocketed.
Heather Cohen, Artist

Getting started

We start with a 45 minute consultation (it's free) where we can get to know each other as well as clarify your goals, illuminate what might be getting in the way, and discuss options for how I can help. You’ll walk away feeling much clearer, as well as having a visceral sense of what’s possible for you. 


I'm living the life I've always wanted.
Hayley Heninger, Actress & Model