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Our mission is to empower you with personal transformational methods that amplify and direct your true creative power,
so you can live the life you’re meant to live and have the impact you’re here to make.


My Story

I got into this line of work out of necessity—because I needed to change my own life.

People often assume I must have a psych degree, but I actually have a history degree from U.C. Berkeley. I couldn’t sit through the first ten minutes of Psych 101. The teacher drew a brain on the board and started dividing it into parts, and something inside me was repelled. It all seemed way too one-dimensional. So I got up and left. The subject I fell in love with, ironically, was history. My professors taught me that—contrary to what I’d always thought—history wasn’t the regurgitation of useless facts. It was incredibly dynamic. History was one big story that could be told in a million ways and they wanted my creative take on it.

I loved school but I wasn’t partying anymore, so I didn’t have a distraction from my pain, which had been building since childhood. I became really depressed and went to a therapist to let it all out. I talked about my parents being alcoholics, my dad’s PTSD from Vietnam, and how he took out his pain and rage out on us. I grew up in a house where I never knew what was going to happen next. One day I’d be handed a $100 bill for no reason and the next I'd be beaten for leaving my ice cream bowl in the living room. I told her how I felt so alone. She listened to the whole thing and then asked: “And what are you doing about all that?” It felt like a spiritual slap in the face. I left sobbing.

But the Universe heard my cry for help, because that same day, I learned about a woman who did an alternative kind of therapy that used applied kinesiology and worked really fast to make you feel better. I went to see her, and had never felt so understood and supported in my entire life. I could tell her anything and she never judged me. She saw me as someone who had simply picked up a lot of negative patterns from my family—like feeling alone, depressed, and not getting my needs met. Patterns that could all be changed. In each session, she helped me reprogram the way I thought and felt, and each time it instantly changed my life. It was like she opened up a new universe to me. And I started studying everything I could get my hands on about alternative therapies.

Through our sessions, I realized that I was carrying the vibration of war with me, passed down from my dad. My life had been chronically stressful since birth, and now I wanted something different. I decided I wanted to experience peace, even though I wasn’t really sure what peace was.

Shortly after that someone came to one of my classes on saving the rainforest and spoke about an indigenous tribe, called the Achuar, who live deep in the Amazon. From the moment he opened his mouth, I was mesmerized. He talked about how the Achuar still live in accordance with their ancient ways, and how they are a dream culture—believing that dreams are reality, and reality is just a dream. He also told us that they invite people from our culture to visit them and discover what their purpose is. And I knew I had to go.

I didn’t have the money but I dreamt about it every day. Two years later I was given the opportunity to live with the Achuar as a volunteer English teacher, and I jumped at the chance. They were the happiest people I’d ever met, and they didn’t even have walls in their homes. Every day, I literally cried with joy. I’ve had many teachers over the years, but the jungle, and the people who call it home, have been the greatest. What I learned there spills over into my work, rippling out from there.

The methods I created—Mindset Repatterning, Feel Better Letters, The Essential Life Story, and Production Repatterning—were designed to improve my life and the lives of those I serve, in fast and effective ways. These methods can work for anyone, but I especially love working with artists because no one has greater potential to impact the world than storytellers. Every artist I’ve ever worked with has a deep-seated desire to make a difference. And they’re so incredibly open, vulnerable and brave. They never want to stop growing, and have such beautiful dreams.

Personally, this work has helped me overcome the trauma from childhood abuse, stay sober for 11 years, overcome writer’s block, finish my book, create a successful business doing what I love, and put myself out there in ways that used to leave me frozen in fear. I’ve spent thousands of hours refining these methods so anyone can receive the same kinds of life-changing benefits as I did, in a fraction of the time. I truly believe that any pattern can change, and that’s why I get so excited when my clients share their struggles with me—because we get to actually transform them. It’s an honor to show them that the realization of their greatest dreams isn’t just a luxury, it’s a core human need. It’s something that benefits all of us.