Is Self-Doubt Wrecking Your Dreams?

As an artist, you’re in the best possible position to change the world—as long as internal blocks, like self-doubt, don’t stop you.

I’m Teri Wade and I’ve been a Mindset Coach for actors, writers, directors, musicians, and entrepreneurs for the past 18 years. With my proprietary methods, I can help you overcome self-doubt and fulfill your purpose as a consciousness-expanding storyteller.

Discover the mysterious root cause of self-doubt, and all other creative blocks, in this free video:

The Anatomy of Self-Doubt

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I understand the challenges you face

Being an artist means being on the edge, and pushing the boundaries of collective human consciousness. It’s an exciting place to be, but not without its challenges.

From the outside, you face criticism, rejection, judgment, and insane amounts of pressure. But the single greatest challenge you’ll ever face is what’s happening inside of your own head. It presents itself as:

  • Depression and overwhelm

    Mental fog, confusion, and lack of direction

    Crippling anxiety and stage fright

  • Creative blocks and mysteriously slow progress

    Feeling empty, uninspired, and unfulfilled

I Can Offer a Solution

Everyone says you need to get out of your head, stop doubting yourself, and change the way you think. But it’s rare that anyone tells you how to actually do that.

Most proposed solutions only work on a surface level.
But in order to change the conversation in your head, you have to go below the surface of your conscious mind, to where the root cause of every block resides.

My proprietary methods eliminate the guesswork and help you gain access to the inner workings of your mind and resolve whatever is in your way.

I can help you…

Achieve mental clarity and focus

Connect with your true calling

Exude confidence in the spotlight

Gain inspiration and ignite your creativity

Broaden your reach and deepen your impact

This work cleared out my negative thoughts and gave me strength and confidence. I went from being in a drought to booking 3 TV spots and a role in Jurassic World. If you don’t think you can have what you want, this process will change your mind and put it in your hands.

Matt Burke, Actor
Matt Burke

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