Production Repatterning

Production Repatterning

Entrainment makes for a better story.

In the movie The Fighter, Amy Adams and Mark Wahlburg share an unplanned moment where they bob their heads in perfect unison and David O. Russell points it out in the director’s commentary—because he loved it. It provides visual evidence of just how connected, or entrained they were. An entrained group of people always tell a better story.

Our entire cast and crew became intensely connected.
Lauren Rivas, Actress

Group alignment is a powerful thing.

Productions involve a lot of people with different objectives who often don’t know each other ahead of time. With the right tools, you can quickly overcome any disconnect amongst your team and create clear objectives that everyone comes into full resonance with—objectives that govern everything from the interpersonal dynamics of your cast and crew, to precisely how the audience is affected.

I can see this revolutionizing the rehearsal process worldwide.
Pete Carver, Director

Production Repatterning

Production Repatterning creates an immediate through-line to the places inside each member of a production, where a deep connection to the whole is born. Using Applied Kinesiology, or muscle checking, Teri taps into the group’s shared fears and conflicts (internal or external), and guides a transformation process that turns these conflicts into highly effective, resonant intentions. Production Repatterning can be used with any number of people—from 2 to 2000—and creates the necessary conditions for people to feel safer, take greater risks, dive deeper into character, and collaborate more effectively than ever.

It allowed me to be Hamlet, instead of Hayley playing Hamlet.
Hayley Heninger, Actress

What To Expect

  • an intensely bonded team
  • transformation of collective fears into confidence
  • a deeper connection to the story and characters
  • greater ease overcoming inherent production obstacles
  • affecting your audience as you intend to
  • new found meaning of success

Getting Started

We start with a one hour consultation where we clarify your production goals, what might be getting in the way, and review options for how I can help. You’ll walk away feeling much clearer, as well as having a visceral sense of what’s possible for you and your production.


I will never put on another play without Teri coming in.
Pete Carver, Director