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Success Stories

Matt Burke

I went from a drought to booking 3 TV spots and a role in Jurassic World.

I was in a drought. I'd been putting energy into making a living as an actor for 15 years, and while I had pockets of success, I hadn't worked in 6 months. I knew it had a lot to do with the garbage that was in my head. What I wanted most was to start acting again, but working with Teri brought me so much more than that—things I didn't even know I needed or wanted, like healing my relationship with my father and grandfather, who are deceased. Our sessions cleared out my negative thoughts, and gave me strength and confidence. Then I started getting more auditions, and booked 3 TV spots and a role in Jurassic World. And then I attracted the best relationship I've ever had. If you don’t think you can have exactly what you want, this process will change your mind and put it in your hands.


Hayley Heninger

I used to be my own worst enemy. Now I’m living the life I’ve always wanted.

Before working with Teri I was in a really tough spot. I wanted to pursue acting but had so many blocks. I felt like my own worst enemy, trapped in my own little prison. But Teri helped me find the root of my problems and resolve them—allowing me to overcome depression, social anxiety, and trauma from sexual assault that no one else had been able to help me with before. It’s crazy how different I feel. Acting is so much easier, and safer now, and I'm getting roles I really resonate with. This work also helped me get closer to the love of my life, and now we're happily married. After years of searching for help, I can honestly say there's nothing else like this. I'm living the life I've wanted to live for a very long time.


Rebecca Hart
Actress & Singer

The results were palpable and immediate. This work can move mountains.

I’ve been an actress my entire life, but before working with Teri I felt like there was more I could be accomplishing. The Mindset Repatterning sessions were unlike anything I’d ever done before. It’s shocking how what we worked on would show up in my life so fast, like more gigs and better relationships. When she told me the Essential Life Story Program would take things to the next level, I was intrigued. It gave me the step-by-step structure to actually change my story, in a way that was still true—but completely changed what I believed was possible. It was all pretty miraculous, and actually a lot of fun. Within a week, I had more auditions, project requests and new developments than I’ve ever had at one time—including my first off-broadway lead at a theatre I'd wanted to work at for ten years. My mind is sort of blown, mostly because things that used to seem impossible, actually aren't.

Nina Hart

I overcame stage fright and published my book. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Before I started working with Teri, I felt blocked in putting my work out there. My book wasn’t published yet, and I had debilitating stage fright. I’d done a lot of therapy prior to working with Teri, but very few people understand what artists go through. Her method is astounding—she was able to hone in on my issues even when I didn’t know what they were. I had these voices in my head, mocking me and telling me terrible things—preventing me from moving forward. We were able to work with them in a vivid way, and tame those little guys. She gave me tools to ground myself, and it got so much easier to perform. We worked on publishing, and people came out of the woodwork to help. Within a year my book was in print. There's a vulnerability in being an artist—we’re tortured in a lot of ways. It’s truly one of Teri’s gifts, that she can hold so much depth. I don’t know how she does it, but if you work with her, you will get results.


Ben Milliken

It’s like reprogramming a computer
—it just works.

My first year in the industry was really hard—constant auditions and not getting any parts. I lacked confidence, drive and motivation. I was told “No” for a whole year. Then I was referred to Teri by a good friend, and after the first session, I was sold. In each session you’re working towards a goal, and every single time, there is resolution. Teri provided me with tools and methods to break through boundaries and really elevate myself, to set out clear and specific goals for all areas of my life—work, relationship, even my relationship to God. And I have the confidence, bravery, and courage to actually go after them now. It was like entering a new chapter of my life. I feel like I’m a completely different person now.

Micah Fitzgerald

I landed my first role in a feature film, then I booked my first major lead.

I started working with Teri when I moved to L.A. because I was ready to pursue my dream of being an actor, but I had a lot of negative self-talk that was getting in the way. I was sort of my own worst enemy. She helped me push the reset button in my mind and I saw phenomenal results, even after my first session. I landed my first role in a feature film that same month. And within a year, I booked my first major lead. We all get trapped in old patterns that don’t serve us. And sometimes it feels impossible to break out of them, but it’s not. If you are looking to make a change in your life and follow your true calling, Teri will get you there.

Tom Draper
Acting Coach

It’s like therapy on speed.

Auditioning can be highly stressful, and there’s a lot of pressure on set. Much of what I do is mental coaching. I’ve seen actors have a good handle on their craft, but when the spotlight is turned on, tension creeps in. There’s an X-factor that holds them back, that I can’t pinpoint. When one of my actors started working with Teri, there was a switch in him that was flipped. His mental tension relaxed. He became more grounded, present, and confident. He’s more himself. He’s bold. We’re able to get to the meat and bones of the work now and take less time preparing a scene. As a result, he’s booking more jobs. It kicked his career into overdrive. Personally, after working with Teri, I’ve experienced a lot of forward momentum with my own goals, too. This process addresses the X-factor that gets in the way of doing great work, and resolves it. It’s like therapy on speed.

Jennifer Taylor

Something switched in me and I started to believe it was possible.

I’ve wanted to be a working actress my entire life, but I’ve always found some reason not to do it: I don’t have enough experience, I don’t live in LA or NY, I don’t have an agent, I can’t start in my 40s. I’ve heard all my life that nobody makes a living as an actress. Then I worked with Teri and everything changed. Something switched in me, and I started to believe it was possible. Two weeks later, the same agent who turned me down twice before said yes! Nothing but my mindset had changed. I still didn’t even have a reel. Shortly after, I booked my first role, on Rectify. Being on set was amazing—I felt like a movie star. They even added lines for me. In two days I paid all my monthly expenses and had an amazing time doing it. And now I’m SAG eligible, just like that. If you’re struggling to do what you love, working with Teri will change you.

Heather Cohen
Director of Art Revolution

It’s been the single most profound healing force in my life.

Before working with Teri, I’d struggled for 35 years with PTSD and depression from childhood trauma. My relationships were stormy and unstable, and I was never able to bring anything to completion. I’d be jazzed to do creative projects and then halfway through, I’d get so depressed I no longer cared. I was skeptical of working with Teri because I’d spent thousands working with different healers and none of the methods helped. But something in Teri’s voice made me willing to take the leap, and I’m so glad I did. I feel better than I’ve ever felt. I feel like the sky’s the limit. My relationships have become nurturing and fulfilling, and my creativity has skyrocketed. I launched my dream project, teaching photography and journalism to AIDS orphans in South Africa. I can easily say none of this would have been possible without Teri’s help. It’s been the single most profound healing force in my life.

Pete Carver

We put on the best play I’ve ever directed. What she does is no joke.

After witnessing Teri work with a large audience (it was the real deal), I invited her to do Production Repatterning with my production of Hamlet. And it was amazing. In a couple hours she helped them transform their fears (a lot of folks had never done Shakespeare before) into a kind of confidence I’ve never seen in all my years directing. They bonded in a way that was really unusual for a theatre cast. They really believed they could succeed at what they were about to do, and we put on the best play I’ve ever directed. What she does is no joke. I know it sounds crazy, but I can see Production Repatterning revolutionizing the rehearsal process worldwide.

Lauren Rivas

Our entire cast became intensely connected.

Many people have the tendency to be skeptical about anything psychological—the I don’t believe in therapy kind of attitude. But Teri is the kind of person who can help anyone move past that. Her work was unlike anything I’d ever heard of, and in being so different, my brain was free to stop over-analyze if it was working because it was. When Teri did Production Repatterning with our cast and crew, we became intensely connected. I’d just moved to Asheville and it was my first time meeting the people in that room. Some of them have become very dear friends and helped me with my education, career as an actor, self confidence, and will continue to be in my life forever. These relationships would not have formed to the levels they did so quickly without Teri’s help.

Victoria Springer

I attracted everything I’ve been wanting.

Working with Teri has completely changed my mindset, and I'm resonating now with my full potential. In just a couple months of working with her, I attracted everything I've been wanting for the longest time – I landed an agent and got an audition for the one show I've been dying to get on, the Vampire Diaries. So many things have been coming to me that weren't before. I also got onto the Hunger Games: Mockingjay. All of this seemed so impossible until I started doing the work with Teri! I wholeheartedly know I couldn't have done it without her help.

Bob Leone
Music Consultant

I’ve worked with many life coaches and Teri is by far, the best.

I’ve worked with many life coaches over the years and Teri is, by far, the best. My life significantly changed in several positive ways. My company found a dream partner in Lynn Verlayne, who is quite simply the best music consultant & artist development coach in the world. A week later, I discovered and am now managing my third pop superstar, Viola (the first two being Lady GaGa and Lana Del Rey). And my management of indie rock artist, Natif, shifted to a higher level. Is it a coincidence that all this these happened within 19 days of Teri’s workshop? I don't believe that for a moment. What I do believe is that her work played a huge role in the manifestation of all three significant career advancements.

Kathi Barnhill
Writer and Director

My intentions and dreams are lifting right off the page.

I was in my final year of film school after leaving a career as a clinical social worker, and at age 42, I was feeling more fear than confidence. The Essential Life Story Program produced results that years of traditional therapy hadn’t touched. The beliefs that held me back and my destructive patterns melted away. I feel a greater love for myself than I’ve felt my whole life. In the past week I’ve received two phone calls to work on films I really want to make—one from an Emmy Award winning director. It could almost feel like magic, or crazy good luck—but I know it was this process that allowed me to attract such awesome opportunities. My intentions and dreams are lifting right off the page, and success feels inevitable.