EP09: A Message from Jesus Takes Utility Actor to Stardom [Mindset Repatterning]

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A Message From Jesus Takes Utility Actor to Stardom


In this episode, I worked with actor Stevie Johnson, who’s been in the business for decades. Stevie felt grateful to have been able to support his family as a working actor (especially since people were always pointing out to him how lucky he was to be able to have a career in Hollywood at all). But at the same time, he felt stuck at a level he wanted to break beyond. He said:

I feel like a utility actor, where my main job is to support the stars.

Stevie wanted to “get off the bench” and play in the major leagues, but he didn’t know what was holding him back from booking starring roles, himself.

As we dove into Stevie’s session, we discovered the hidden reasons why he couldn’t refer to himself as a star (without it feeling awkward and inauthentic).

At the end of the session, we did a modality where I stepped into the role of Jesus to deliver a message that helped him move out of alignment with feeling like a utility actor and into alignment with being a star.

If you feel stuck at a certain level of your own career that you want to break beyond, you can transform your own unconscious blocks right along with Stevie, just by listening.

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