EP10: How to Find Acting Work in These Times [MINDSET REPATTERNING]

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How to Find Acting Work in These Times


Sol Castillo comes from a family of actors, and has been in the industry for most of his life. When COVID-19 hit and auditions dried up, he started feeling low and hopeless. So I invited him to be a guest on my podcast to support him through this challenging time, especially because I know so many actors are struggling with the same issues and could benefit from hearing his Mindset Repatterning session.

We started the session by getting in touch with the hopelessness, frustration and depression in his body—talking to those parts to see what they needed.

He obviously needed to be working and underneath everything, he needed love…

Especially since things were so challenging right now. After helping his body to receive love, he was able to relax a little.

And then we were able to start talking about how this pandemic is affecting everyone differently, and how for a lot of people—including Sol—it’s bringing up old, buried traumas that are ready for resolution.

I muscle-checked the earlier experience was behind Sol’s feelings of depression and his lack of motivation, and it was something that happened to him when he was 8 years old. It took a little digging to find out exactly what that trauma was, but when we did, it made so much sense why he was feeling hopeless. And his system was able to tell us exactly what he needed to shift everything.

Once we cleared out that old trauma and brought Sol into alignment with his purpose and the opportunity that COVID is presenting him with, he felt hopeful, motivated, and excited to get to work on his new action plan for getting acting work, even in these times.

As usual, even just by listening to this Mindset Repatterning episode, you will experience the same shift that Sol did.

Links from the session:

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