EP07: How to Cure Writers Block [Mindset Repatterning]

Which of the 5 Life Story Types Do You Have?

Overcoming Writer’s Block


Aisha is a popular author and blogger at Nappy Thoughts, who was struggling with writer’s block before reaching out to be a guest on my podcast. At the beginning of this podcast episode (where I lead her through a Mindset Repatterning session), you’ll hear her say that although writing felt like the center of what she does, it wasn’t flowing. Her creativity felt elusive. She had no idea what the mysterious block was.

We worked on clarifying her intentions as a writer, which included:

I make a great living writing stories that make people think about the dead, broken, and hurt, so they can feel more connected.

Immediately after that, doubts started arising—she started comparing herself to other writers who seemed “better” and more successful. She started judging her writing process.

I let her know that any time you doubt yourself, it’s because one part of you wants something (like to be a successful writer) and another part of you doesn’t want that—because it’s afraid. When we dug a little deeper, she got in touch with the fear of being caught up in the same system as the people she’s speaking for. After the last blog she wrote (which had over 7k views), people in law enforcement started looking her up. She had legitimate reasons to be afraid for her safety.

We talked about the Hero’s Journey and how it can help you find the strength to overcome fear as you fulfill your purpose.

Aisha needed to feel more connected to a higher power that would protect her as she did what she was called to do, by that same higher power. To shift her into alignment with having that faith, I crafted the following message and read it to her on behalf of her own higher power:

Aisha, I hear you that writing these stories is scary and painful. But there’s no need to be afraid. I will be bending over backward to keep you safe every step of the way. And the more you write, the better you will feel—the stories you write are more healing than you know, for yourself and the world. Your gifts as a writer and you are a great writer, are so needed. And I will be helping you out and cheer you on every step of the way because I love you, and I always will.

After hearing the message, she felt so much better—she was “on” for the positive intentions we crafted during the session, and she was now “off” for the negative fears and patterns that she was ready to let go of.

And following the session, she quickly got back to prioritizing time to write and publishing more blogs.

The great thing about listening to someone else’s Mindset Repatterning session is that you shift what you resonate with right along with the client I’m working with in the session—just by listening.

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