EP06: How to Reconnect to Your Muse [Mindset Repatterning]

Which of the 5 Life Story Types Do You Have?

How to Not Lose Yourself (so you can create from your heart)


In this podcast, you’ll hear me lead a client who was feeling lonely and disconnected from the passion he used to feel for his art (music) through a Mindset Repatterning session.

While he was a very talented and driven musician, he had been feeling like he had lost his identity and confidence because of outside influences from his family, his intimate relationship, and his experiences at music school.

By the end of the session (where you’ll hear him play guitar), he was feeling confident again, proud of the work he was doing, and was smiling ear to ear. He also recognized that being true to himself was not only best for him, but for everyone else as well.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s covered:

3:10 Feeling low confidence and loss of identity because of the way others steered him

4:15 What he wants most: bring back joy, love, identity

5:40 Family issues, music school, intimate relationship taking a toll

8:20 Different aspects of himself in conflict… bringing them into alignment

9:45 “I don’t feel like I’m good enough…”

10:45 Others feeling jealous of his success and how that impacted him

14:30 Working hard to do what others want me too (to be accepted) to my own detriment

15:10 Recreating structure and patterns; what pattern allows you to be/do/have

16:00 Validation of work and self — wanting to belong

17:10 Doesn’t have supportive community of like-minded artists

18:27 Make sure all parts are getting what they need

20:15 How this work is molding your reality like play dough

21:20 Old pattern: “I feel lonely… I don’t have meaningful relationships with like-minded artists who really understand me…”

28:30 New pattern: “I have meaningful relationships with like-minded artists who really understand me and encourage me to do what I want to do and encourage me to stay true to myself…”  (feels hopeful, but not possible yet)

32:12 Creating new possibilities from old patterns

33:03 Apologetic for no reason; timid, reserved, shy with others and while playing music

34:30 Wants to believe he’s good enough for people to hire him

35:20 Wants to feel proud of the work he does

36:14 “I’m outgoing and confident about who I am. I believe in myself. I put faith in myself. I’m proud of the work I do.”

39:30 Message from current self “I believe in you. I have faith in you. Me and everybody else want you to play from your heart.”

40:50 Modality: playing the guitar

43:30 After modality: “I wish you could see my face right now, I’m smiling ear to ear”

45:40 Appreciate most: “I’m the most helpful to others when I’m myself.”

46:45 Listen to how different he sounds and feels while saying statements again

49:23 Need to play more guitar after session; read affirmations aloud once per day for 2 weeks

50:00 How his openness is giving back to others who listen to this session
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